Uffizi Gallery: Top 10 works of art to see

Uffizi Gallery: Top 10 works of art to see

A visit to the Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world whit a rich collection of Renaissance masterpieces by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and many other artists.

What is the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

The Uffizi Gallery is a collection of more than 6.000 paintings, from the Middle Ages to the 18° century, and ancient Roman sculptures collected by the Medici Family of Florence .

They were very powerful and wealthy bankers and the patrons of the most important Renaissance artists and great collectors of art through many centuries and in the XVI° century they became the Grandukes of Tuscany.

It can take hours to visit the whole museum, that's why it is important to make a selection and know exactly which masterpieces you must absolutely see.

You should program at least 1 and a half hour to see the main masterpieces

Top 10 works of art in the Uffizi Gallery 

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1. Giotto- Maestà di Ognissanti - 1310

Giotto is the most important artist of medieval painting. For the first time a painting shows a real human being in a real tridimensional space.

2. Gentile da Fabriano-Adorazione di Magi - 1423

A very rich painting with a lot of gold and precious details, which shows the wealth of the donor, Palla Strozzi, a merchant-banker of Florence

3. Piero della Francesca- Portrait of the Duke of Urbino and his wife  - 1465

The first important portraits in Western art history.

4. Botticelli- Birth of Venus - 1485

The first painting representing a subject taken form ancient Greek and Roman mythology with a completely naked woman.

5. Medici Venus- 1st century b.C

It is a greek statue of Venus, the goddess of beauty, which is considered one of the best statues of ancient art in the world.

6. Michelangelo-Tondo Doni - 1506

This is the only painting in the world surely attributed to Michelangelo and its value is priceless.

7. Raphael- Portait of Pope Leo X - 1518

It's the portrait of Pope Leo X, Giovanni de Medici, the son of Lawrence the Magnificent, with Cardinals  Giulio de Medici ( future Pope Clemens VII) and Luigi De Rossi.

8. Leonardo da Vinci- Annunciation - 1472

The first painting by Leonardo da Vinci, who beside being an excellent painter was also a scientist, an inventor, an engineer and a great genius.

9. Tiziano- Venus of Urbino - 1538

This painting represents a very sensual woman, laying competeley naked on her bed. For the first time the body of a woman is shown as a sexual object.

10. Caravaggio-Medusa - 1597

A shield showing the head of Medusa, the mythological monster who was beheaded by Perseus. For the first time in art a huge quantity of blood is represented in painting.

If you are interested in knowing more about these very important masterpieces, take our tour of the Treasures of the Uffizi Gallery



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